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Special care for your Specialty vehicle

At Circuit Motorsports we know your car is your pride and joy, and when you drive a specialty vehicle - something high-performance, rare, classic, or all of the above - you don't want to just take it to any old "repair shop".  We know high-performance and specialty cars, we care for them all day, every day.  Let us care for your car the way you want!

Subaru Specialists

Subarus are our bread-and-butter. We have been a Subaru specialty shop for over a Decade, and it shows in our results.  From Race-Winning cars, to Magazine features, to high-mileage personal vehicles that get the job done - we can do it all. Whether you're looking to simply maintain your vehicle better than the dealership can, repair an issue, upgrade & tune your vehicle, or go for a serious build - Circuit Motorsports is your Orlando Subaru shop!

Orlando Subaru Specialists

BRZ FR-S GT86 Specialists

brz frs gt86 shop

Subaru BRZ
Scion FR-S
Toyota GT86
We know them all, from N/A modifications and tuning all the way up to Supercharger and Turbo kits, we've got you covered!  We have years of experience building N/A street cars, Supercharged torque machines, and turbocharged track beasts. Maintenance and simple repairs are also in our wheelhouse, contact us for a consultation on your build!

Nissan Specialists

Circuit Motorsports has been an Orlando Nissan specialist shop for many years, focusing on the 350Z, 370Z, GT-R and Spec-V line of cars. These vehicles are all unique and require special attention to properly maintain and tune them for more performance.  Let us take care of your Nissan the right way!

Orlando nissan specialists

Mitsubishi Specialists

Mitsubishi is a unique marque, mirroring Subaru with their specialty high-performance Evolution line of Lancer cars. Like the Subaru STI we are very familiar with the intricacies of the Mitsu EVO line - we know what it takes to swap in a clutch, and bleed the necessary systems.  We know what you should and should-not do to maintain the factory performance, or to bring it up a notch. We have proven ourselves to be the go-to Orlando Mitsubishi EVO shop!

Orlando mitsubishi specialists

GR Supra Specialists

Even though the GR Supra is a relatively new platform from Toyota, we have extensive experience with it.  Why is that? Well our very own Tuner has one as his personal vehicle and has been tuning them since their release!  Very easy to get power out of with minimal modifications and tuning, these are great bang-for-the-buck performance cars!

gr supra orlando shop zoom.png
focus rs.webp

RS / ST Specialists

Ford is well known for their RS and ST performance line, mainly in the popular Focus and Fiesta chassis'.  We are well versed with the Ford Focus RS and ST, as well as the Fiesta ST vehicles. Circuit Motorsports is a great choice for your Orlando local shop both for upkeep, mods and tuning!

Specialty Car Care

Whether you own a vehicle we mentioned above or just something special that needs a little more attention than your average Corolla, we have you covered.  We are car enthusiasts ourselves and we know what it takes to maintain and care for these types of vehicles.  If you have questions on your specific vehicle, or want to know if we can assist you in your search for car-nirvana send us a message or call for a consultation!

Orlando Porsche Specialists
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