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Performance Installs and Packages

Circuit Motorsports is a leader in a high-quality aftermarket performance parts, exceptional service, and comprehensive vehicle tuning. By specializing in performance upgrades we can make your daily driver superior, build you a street driven monster, or assemble a track ready land missile.

Our full-service performance shop is capable of installing any performance upgrade we sell while maintaining the manufacturers warranty. This will give you the confidence that not only did you purchase a quality part, but it was installed correctly and per the manufacturers specifications.

We specialize in complete vehicle builds and packages tailored to your needs and budget. We don't just sell you a random part, we make sure the complete system all works together in harmony for an exceptional result!

​Circuit Motorsports is an Authorized Dealer and Install of Cobb Tuning in Orlando Florida!

Circuit Motorsports is an Authorized Dealer and Installer of IAG parts and Engine blocks in Orlando Florida!

Part install services:

  • Performance parts sales and upkeep

  • Performance packages and installs

  • Complete custom builds

  • Full vehicle builds including custom chassis work, installs, engine builds, and ECU tuning

  • Track prep and pre-track day inspections

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