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Vehicle Repairs and Diagnosis

Our shop is not only for installs and tuning, as we are well versed in repairs and diagnosis as well.  We routinely repair or replace broken bolts, damaged exhaust components, leaking power steering racks etc. If you have a vehicle that you want complete care for we can help!

Common Repair, Replacement and Diagnosis Items we provide:

  • Leaking power steering pump or rack

  • Slipping clutch

  • Broken bolts/studs

  • Damaged exhaust components 

  • Wheel bearings and Hubs

  • Brakes, rotors, pads, lines

  • Leaking oil pan, valve cover gaskets, oil pump, lines etc.

  • Turbo rebuilds and replacements

  • Timing belt, water pump, and thermostat

  • Vacuum and evap leaks

  • Coolant leaks

This is just a short list, if you are have any ANY issues with your vehicle and want a reliable shop that can take care of your prized possession contact us today!

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