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Services We Provide


Circuit Motorsports provides the best in quality High-Performance automotive Upgrades and Maintenance service. We pride ourselves on having Excellent Workmanship, a Clean and Organized shop, and providing Personalized Service for your vehicle. If you want to get Real Performance out of your vehicle we will consult with you on what would best suit your needs and budget. Our shop also specializes in Maintaining your high performance vehicle to keep it running Smoothly and Efficiently, often an overlooked aspect at many other "speed shops".

Orlando Subaru Specialist Shop
Specialty Vehicle Service

At Circuit Motorsports we know your car is your pride and joy, and when you drive a specialty vehicle - something high-performance, rare, classic, or all of the above - you don't want to just take it to any old "repair shop".  We know high-performance and specialty cars, we care for them all day, every day.  Let us care for your car the way you want!

Click here to learn more about our tuning services:

Subaru maintenance orlando florida
Maintenance and Service

We hold ourselves to a very high standard of work and we live by our mission statement: “To provide personalized service with excellent quality”.

Our goal is to repair or upgrade your vehicle to a standard of which we feel proud. We want you, or another professional, to be able to look at what’s been done and know it was done correctly without question.


Our services include everything from OEM style maintenance all the way up to full chassis restoration and drive-train rebuilds. Click here to see some of our more popular services:

Subaru dyno tuning orlando
ECU & Dyno-Tuning

Circuit Motorsports provides professional tuning services for a number of vehicles and tuning platforms. We currently provide tuning services for COBB Accessport, ECUTek, Haltech, UPRev, and Open Source. We have our own professional tuner on staff, so we do not farm out our tuning to outside tuners or "travel tuners" - This means you get lasting support and attention!

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Subaru Engine Builder Orlando
Engine & Chassis Building


The Circuit Motorsports facility has just about everything on site we need to customize and upgrade your vehicle. We have an engine builder and a fabricator on staff to ensure that we can completely upgrade a vehicle the right way without taking unnecessary and ugly shortcuts on installs and builds.

Click here to read more about our tailored build services:


Subaru parts orando florida
Upgrade Part Sales & Installs

Our full-service performance shop is capable of installing any performance upgrade we sell while maintaining the manufacturers warranty. This will give you the confidence that not only did you purchase a quality part, but it was installed correctly and per the manufacturers specifications.

We specialize in complete vehicle builds and packages tailored to your needs and budget. We don't just sell you a random part, we make sure the complete system all works together in harmony for an exceptional result!

Click here to read more about our tailored build services:

subaru repair orlando florida
Repairs and Restoration

Our shop is not only for installs and tuning, as we are well versed in repairs and diagnosis as well.  We routinely repair or replace broken bolts, damaged exhaust components, leaking power steering racks etc. If you have a vehicle that you want complete care for we can help!

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