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Proactively keep your vehicle running Great.

Here at Circuit Motorsports we go beyond typical dealership work by providing specialized maintenance services with OEM or better parts and personalized attention to your situation. We believe that the best service is only possible when we understand your needs and goals for the car and where you plan on taking it.
To start off we will sit down with you and go over your concerns for the vehicle to get an idea of what you have been experiencing if there is an issue, or what you want done to get the vehicle back up to your standards. Typically from there we will perform a general inspection of the vehicle in addition to locating the issues that may be present. At that point we will inform you of any other issues we may have found and we can make recommendations on how best to move forward. We always give you options on what can be done now, and what may be able to be done at a later date.

Our services include everything from OEM style maintenance all the way up to full chassis restoration and drivetrain rebuilds. Some of our more popular services include:

  • OEM style scheduled maintenance (30k, 60k, 100k services etc.)

  • Engine oil change service

  • Transmission and Differential fluid changes

  • Timing belt service

  • Brake pads, rotors and fluid services

  • Clutch and flywheel replacements

  • Spark plug change

  • A/C repair and recharge

  • Bushing, bearing, and boots replacements

  • Axle/CV joint rebuilds or replacements

  • Compression and Leakdown service

  • Transmission diagnosis and rebuilds

  • Engine refresh or rebuilds

  • Cylinder head refresh with machining and/or valve lapping

  • Chassis fabrication

We also offer performance upgrade packages and services which include:

  • Fully built engine shortblocks and longblocks

  • Performance headwork (porting, polishing, machining, valve job, etc.)

  • Staged power upgrades with part installs and tuning

  • Suspension installs and setup

  • Fuel system upgrades and systems

  • Brake system upgrades and bleeding

Contact us for a consultation on your needs today!

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