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About Us

We are a group of enthusiasts that decided we wanted to provide our community quality performance parts, tuning,  and the best possible shop service. We were tired of seeing the same online faceless companies churning out cheap products without caring about their customers actual needs or desired results, and local shops that were operating with little to no customer service at all.

Circuit Motorsports has been in operation in the Orlando, FL area for over a decade, and we have built a team professionals with years of experience and real attention to detail.  We are all car guys, and we truly care about the service and the products we provide our clients.  We have been featured in national magazines, won national events & regional events, recognized by media outlets, and regularly drive and race our own personal vehicles and shop cars. 
We know what works and what doesn't, because we use the parts we sell. We love to modify our cars and go out and race just as much as you do. That's why we give our customers suggestions to point them in the right direction, not just sell the the cheapest part or the one that makes us the most margin. Whether you're looking for a few bolt-on modifications and tuning to improve your vehicle, or you want a complete chassis up track-car build - we can do it with top level quality.
While Circuit Motorsports has experience on a broad range of performance vehicles, over the years we have become a Subaru Specialist Shop, with real-world experience tuning the Subaru WRX & STI platforms. We also specialize as a Subaru repair / mechanic shop, keeping your vehicle running properly and smoothly with necessary maintenance. 

If you have been looking for a shop that can not only upgrade and tune your performance vehicle, but also maintain it and keep it running properly, with the attention to detail that you deserve - Circuit Motorsports is here for you!

V8 Subaru Justy The Justang
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