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Professional ECU and Dyno-tuning

Circuit Motorsports provides professional tuning services for a number of vehicles and tuning platforms. We currently provide tuning services for COBB Accessport, ECUTek, Haltech, and Open Source (for certain vehicles). We have our own professional tuner on staff, we do not farm out our tuning to outside tuners or "travel tuners".  Stew Jones of RogueArt Tuning does most of our tuning in-house and is recognized as both a Cobb Pro-Tuner and an ECUTek Master tuner.
His style of tuning is to take as much time as necessary to provide a complete map for your vehicle, he doesn't stop until he is completely satisfied, he isn't like a lot of tuners who are "done" in under an hour or try to cram 6 tunes into a day, so you definitely get your money's worth. He also provides a combination of Street and Dyno tuning, to make sure the car is completely dialed in for daily use and max attack driving. 

Custom Tuning rates start at $695 for a day's worth of dyno tuning and one octane map (93, 100, E85). This covers the custom tune, dyno time, map flashing and instruction on how to switch maps, etc. We provide dyno numbers and graphs to you for reference.  If you would like multiple maps with different modes of operation, different octane levels or a Flex-Fuel tune we can provide these services at extra cost.


Tuning is available for the following vehicles:

Cobb Accessport Tuning:

  • Subaru WRX

  • Subaru WRX STI

  • Subaru Forester XT

  • Subaru Legacy GT

  • Subaru Outback XT

  • Saab 9-2X Aero

  • *(We can tune all models of these cars including GT, TR, Spec B, XT sports, Limited, etc.)

  • Mitsubishi EVO VIII 8

  • Mitsubishi EVO IX 9

  • Mitsubishi EVO X 10

  • Ford Focus ST

  • Ford Focus RS

  • Ford Fiesta ST

  • Ford Fusion ST

  • Ford Mustang Ecoboost

  • Nissan GT-R


ECUTek Tuning:

  • Subaru BRZ

  • Scion FR-S

  • Toyota GT86

  • Subaru WRX 2015+

  • Nissan 370Z

  • Toyota Supra GR

  • Infiniti Q50 Q60

  • Nissan GT-R R35

Opensource Tuning:

  • JDM ECU Subaru WRX and STI

UpRev Tuning:

  • Nissan 350Z

  • Nissan 370Z

Frequently Asked Questions

Haltech tuning is provided for vehicles requiring a tuning solution above the factory ECU of most vehicles. We can provide a comprehensive tune for your Haltech standalone equipped track car, racecar or streetcar.  We have multiple options for tunes on this platform and pricing will vary depending on your needs and setup.

Open Source tuning is offered for certain vehicles.  The tuning charge is slightly higher than Cobb and ECUtek tunes, as building and refining Open Source maps and flashing takes additional time, please ask us ahead of time about this service.


What is a Protune or Custom tune?
Protuning or custom tuning is the process of creating a unique map for your vehicle based on it's modifications and needs. This goes beyond the normal "OTS" or "Off-the-shelf" map provided by most handheld programmers or companies that reflash the stock ECU of a vehicle.  A completely custom tune will have advantages over an OTS tune including more power, better drivability, safer AFRs and in some cases better MPGs.  A Protune/Custom tune would be necessary for vehicles modified beyond a companies OTS map parameters or if the car has been modified from stock and is still running a factory ECU or factory map. For instance it would be necessary for someone that has enhanced their vehicle with power upgrades not supported by off-the-shelf (OTS) COBB maps, such as turbo upgrades (both stock location and rotated turbo systems), fuel system upgrades, motor builds, cylinder head upgrades, hybrid engine conversions, etc.


Does Circuit Motorsports provide tuning for vehicles that have already been modified?
Yes, you can schedule a tune with us even if you have not previously received service from our shop.  We can provide, and strongly recommend, a Pre-tune inspection for your vehicle to ensure that there are no issues prior to tuning.  Our staff can also review your current modification list and go over any concerns you may have for part compatability, reliability etc.  We can then provide any suggestions for improvements to be made to make sure you get the most out of your tuning session.


What should I do to prepare for my Tune?
Prior to getting your car tuned we highly suggest a Pre-tune Inspection to be performed at our shop. This would include our Tech looking over the car to make sure there is nothing that would make the car unsafe to tune on the road or the dyno. We would check the engine bay, undercarriage, brakes, axles, tires, lines etc.  The vehicle will need to be driven on the road by our tuner to verify the tune is working properly at high RPM’s, so the safety of the car is imperative.  The inspection will also include a Smoke Leak test. This involves using a special machine to pressurize and then pump an inert smoke into the intake system, this will instantly show us any leaks present.  Without this particular test there would be no way to know if you have any leaks, and most cars we see have at least one or two small leaks. These leaks, even if they are minor, can affect the tune. Large leaks can actually prevent the tuner from completing the tune. This is cheap insurance to make sure your tune isn’t affected or cancelled due to a leak. This is our minimum suggestion prior to a tune.

For higher mileage cars, or cars that have extensive modifications, or were running a tune from a previous tuner, we suggest a Compression and Leakdown test as well. This will tell us how mechanically healthy the engine is, and if it will hold up to the rigors of tuning and extra boost and power levels. This test is a good idea to let both parties know if going forward with the tune is a good idea, or how far the engine should be “pushed” when tuning it.  We also have a tuning checklist that you should review to make sure there are no issues that will prevent us from tuning your vehicle properly.

Even if you think the car is running well, or there are no leaks, we suggest these tests. Our customers in the past have been surprised by what our inspections have found, and we have saved money and motors on a few occasions.

If we are tuning your car with a COBB Accessport, you will need a V2 or V3 Accessport with the latest firmware and dongle updates. We stock COBB AP’s if you need to purchase prior to your tune, and also offer discount incentives when an Accessport is purchased with a custom tune. If tuning with Ecutek a new ECUtek licence will need to be purchased, we have these on hand and will provide them with our tuning service for a fee, we also have ECUTek cable and tuning kits on hand.


Do you provide dyno graphs and numbers?
Yes, we provide traditional dyno graphs and numbers from your tuning session.  These are useful to see the power curve of your vehicle and to keep track of power upgrades and how have they affected the overall horsepower and torque output of your vehicle.

What dyno do you use for tuning?
We currently use a Mustang 1100 AWD dyno for all of our custom tunes, the industry standard for tuning!  We are the only shop in Central Florida with a dyno this size, capable of tuning vehicle up to 2,000 horsepower!

Do you rent dyno time for horsepower pulls or can I tune my own car on your Dyno?
NO - we do not currently rent out dyno time - for safety and liability reasons it is only for our own staff's use.

Contact Circuit Motorsports for any other tuning questions or concerns or to schedule a dyno tune today!

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