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Engine Building Services

We maintain a special “clean room” that we use for engine builds, head-work, and transmission upgrades. This keeps shop dirt and debris out of the work area to ensure the engine is built to the highest standards without contamination. We have the ability to completely
tear-down an engine or transmission and build you a better and much stronger version. From OEM-level rebuilds of your stock engine to a forged monster that can handle over 1000hp, we can do it all. 

Our shop has a complete engine building program to suit your needs.  Whether you want a block built and shipped to you, or you want to bring us your vehicle and have our shop handle the entire build from start to finish, Circuit Motorsports has you covered. Our engine builder relies on years of real-world experience to ensure each engine is assembled to exacting specifications.


  • Completely forged bottom end builds

  • Head-work to include valves, springs, retainers, cams, port-work etc.

  • Intake manifold porting and fabrication

  • Closed deck block builds

  • Transmission rebuilds with upgraded gears and internals

  • Hybrid builds with proper piston and/or chamber work

  • Custom engine and turbo setups

We also provide full build packages tailored to your specific wants and budget.  If you're aiming to build a 500 horsepower street car that you can drive to work in the morning and then drive to the track at night, we have you covered.  If you want to build a full prepped track car and need the supporting engine and mods to do it, we can handle that too.

Contact us for a consultation on your build today!

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